Friday, March 6, 2009

slightly notorious

My friend April Nowell (University of Victoria) and I recently published a critique of Kohn's and Mithen's "sexy handaxe theory" (short version: it is untestable and therefore not scientific) in PaleoAnthropology (February 2009). And this is very cool, and also very cool is that the paper was mentioned in the Random Samples section of Science on February 27 (volume 323, issue 5918, p. 1151). I guess this makes me slightly scientifically notorious, at least for the next five minutes or so.

I have recently discovered that I am also slightly notorious in the context of my avocation as a crazy dog lady. A haiku that I wrote several years ago for a BaggageAgility (an email list for people doing agility with rescued dogs) contest called "Ode to a Pre-Owned Dog" appears in a bunch of seemingly random hits should one choose to Google my name, something that I do occasionally because I am human. I am no poet, much less a haiku writer, but I am glad that people like it. I think it was written for a T-shirt contest or something, but I never got a T-shirt so I guess I didn't win.

Ode to a Pre-Owned Dog, by Melanie Lee Chang
How can it be that
Someone else didn't want you?
What an idiot.

Have a nice weekend, everyone.