Saturday, February 28, 2009

my vote for First Dog

OK, so it's been forever since I updated this. I guess I am just not that into sharing my personal life with the world.

That said, I feel the need to point out that in all the discussion about curly-poo hypoallergenic (there is no such thing, by the way) candidates for First Dog, almost everyone is overlooking what is, to me, the most glaringly obvious choice for a busy family with allergy issues looking for a decent-sized companion from rescue: a retired racing greyhound.

Check out Bob, to the left there. Best. Ears. Ever. Anyway, Bob is available from the Oregon Greyhound Association, along with dozens of other wonderful and gorgeous 'hounds looking for homes. Bob, full name Westcoast Bob, is five years old, ran in 104 races, and won 16 of them. He is now looking for his retirement home. Due to overproduction by the greyhound racing industry, there are thousands of perfectly wonderful dogs just like Bob available across the country, and the Obamas would have no trouble finding a perfect pet for their family.

Greyhounds are lean, fit, and athletic, just like our President. The White House comes with an enormous fenced yard that would be perfect for a hound like Bob to stretch his legs out in, since greyhounds like to sprint full speed a couple of times a week. Greyhounds hardly have any hair and are therefore ridiculously easy to keep clean and dander-free. Greyhounds are very unobtrusive dogs who rarely cause a ruckus in the house. I personally find them extremely soothing to be around, and if I were President, I would certainly value that quality in a dog.

I don't have greyhounds, but I've known a number of retired racers, think they are wonderful and gorgeous, and would like my own someday. I hear the Obamas have decided on a PWD, and PWDs are perfectly nice dogs, but I've still gotta throw my vote to the greyhound.