Thursday, April 17, 2008

New World Order

Jett's claimed her place in the pack. Fly's nature is to make herself the lowest woman on the totem pole in any group, and she seems perfectly happy there on the bottom, so I'm going to leave things be.

Fly, Jett, and Solo, Big Rec fields, Golden Gate Park.

Solo is, of course, still Number One.

Hanging out by the fireplace.

Jett turned six months old yesterday, and weighs about 30 pounds. When I think of her as a puppy, she seems huge, but when I think of her as a dog, she seems rather wee. Even though she's got a big adolescent body now, and is fast as all get-out, her expressions are still all puppy.

Did you say something?

She saw sheep for the first time last weekend and did well. Stay tuned for training updates.

All photos Nikon D70s, 18-70mm AF-S DX kit lens